July 14, 2023

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The construction of the Fortera carbon capture unit at at CalPortland’s Redding cement plant, should be finished this year. Fortera’s Vice President of Product Development, Dr Craig Hargis, says they should be producing ReCarb™materials in 2024.

Dr Hargis says the finished, more environmentally-friendly product should not be any more expensive than conventional concrete; with the same uses. "It could, really, be used anywhere existing cement is used," he said. "So, that would include, both residential construction projects, like in the slabs in your home, but also in industrial or commercial projects that require much more cement. It'll be able to be used anywhere you can use something like Portland cement or Portland Limestone cement."

"We mineralise CO2 and what that means is we capture CO2 and we make it into a building material. That's what's fundamentally different about our technology versus existing cementing-technologies," Dr Hargis added.

Fortera’s ReCarb™ technology claims to be able to achieve a 60 per cent reduction in CO2 per tonne of product produced.


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