How We Do It

How We Do It

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Fortera’s ReCarb® Process is a patented transformation of cement manufacturing, designed to deliver a realistic pathway to zero CO2 cement production.
Illustration showing the Traditional Cement Plant process vs the Fortera ReCarb Plant Process


Inspired by nature, Fortera’s Patented ReCarb® Process generates cement with 70% less CO2 from its proprietary chemistry, and when combined with green energy becomes a zero CO2 cement.
Comparison between Portland Cement vs Fortera's ReCarb product. Portland had 50% CO2 emissions and Recarb had 30%

Economical Cement Decarbonization

  • Turnkey Bolt-on ReCarb® Plant Operation
  • ReSource Engineering Services
  • Specifically Designed for Your Business and Marketplace Dynamics
  • Reduce Risk Exposure — Avoid CO2 Penalties
  • Accelerate Your Business and Product Portfolio Path to a Carbon Neutral Future

Reduction in CO2

CO2 Reduction Chart
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