This first-of-its-kind plant executes Fortera’s patented ReCarb® process technology on a commercial scale, while also providing the building and industrial sectors with a scalable solution to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

Located on CalPortland’s campus at Redding, CA, the Fortera Redding ReCarb Plant takes industrial CO2 from CalPortland’s kiln and mineralizes it through Fortera’s patented ReCarb process, creating ReAct® — the market leader in green cement solution.
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CalPortland is pleased to see construction of the Fortera plant progressing at our Redding facility. We’re excited to see how the ReAct® product can best be utilized to achieve industry’s decarbonization goals.

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–Steve Regis, CalPortland Chief Operating Officer

Process at Redding ReCarb Plant

Our focus to work alongside our customers will pave a path to zero CO2 cement production by upcycling carbon emissions directly from the kiln. The ReCarb Plant in Redding, CA USA is a small commercial plant producing 15,000 tons of green cement a year with 9,600 tons a year of direct carbon avoidance.
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1. Raw Lime Silo

Raw lime feedstock is stored.

2. Dissolution Reactor

Lime is dissolved.
Use of proprietary solvent.

3. CO2 Absorber

Carbonation process
Precipitation formed.

Reactive Calcium Carbonate 
(ReAct™) produced.

4. Clarifier

Slurry pumped in tangentially.
Solids separate through gravity.

5. Filter Press

Mechanical plates press out liquid.
Solid cake is separated and ejected at the bottom.

6. Dryer

Product cake is broken up with rotating blades.
Hot gas dries product into powder.

7. Thermal Polishing

Final heat step to remove impurities.

8. Product Silo

Final product is stored in preparation for shipment.

15,000 tons

per year

of ReAct® green cement produced.

9,600 tons

per year

of CO2 Savings.
6,600 tons per year captured directly in ReAct Product. 3,000 tons per year offset from energy savings.


Award-winning ReAct is a highly engineered green cement product that is developed through Fortera’s patented ReCarb process. The ReAct product portfolio contains two primary variations: ReAct Blend — engineered to work with cement to improve early strength and flow and ReAct Pure a standalone cement replacement.
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Fineness and morphology are designed to increase packing efficiency, accelerate cement hydration, and improve workability.

Key Benefits

Low Clinker Blend
Ample Surface Area for Nuclear Effect
Improved Particle Packing
Faster Strength Gain
Strong Reactivity with Alumina


Portland Limestone Cement
LC3 Enabled
PLC Extender
Fly Ash Extender
Slag Extender


Binder based on the transformation of vaterite to aragonite or calcite, which has been successfully utilized to manufacture building materials .

Key Benefits

High CO2 Avoidance
Good Strength to Weight Ratio Rapid Curing at Elevated Temperatures Dimensionally Stable
Superior Whiteness


Fiber Cement Board
Lightweight Aggregate
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