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A Customizable Cement to Meet Your Application Needs

ReAct® is a low to zero CO₂ cementitious product solution. Fortera offers customizable product solutions tailored to cement producers business needs and marketplace.
ReAct is a precipitated calcium carbonate polymorph, which can be blended into ASTM C150*, C595*, or C1157 cements or mixed into concrete during batching.

*ASTM C150 and C595 Ballot Approval September 2023
Binder based on the transformation of vaterite to aragonite or calcite, which has been successfully utilized to manufacture building materials.
Fineness and morphology are designed to increase packing efficiency, accelerate cement hydration, and improve workability.

Business Applications

  • Binary and Ternary Blended Cements
  • Technical Dry Mortars
  • Flooring Solutions
  • Cast in Place Concrete
  • Precast Elements
  • Tile Backer Boards

Business Impact

  • Reduce the CO₂ Impact of Cement and Formulated Products
  • Make Low Clinker Content Blends
  • Optimize Particle Packing
  • Increase Strength and Durability
  • Improve Flowability and Workability
  • Enhance LC3 Performance
Construction scene of the Fortera manufacturing plant being built
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Fortera products can have 70% less embodied CO2 than Portland cement, zero embodied CO2, or even negative embodied CO2. Just as significant, this process is being built at commercial scale now and will be cost competitive with Portland cement.

–Keith Krugh, Chief Manufacturing Officer

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